Melanie Turbin

Manager - CDA

Melanie grew up playing competitive soccer through college, and holds a USA Weightlifting certification. She has always enjoyed the discipline and community involved in athletics, and the Farmgirlfit atmosphere didn’t disappoint.

Watching fellow Farmgirls grow in confidence inspires Melanie to keep learning and growing as a coach. She believes everyone responds to different methods, so she adapts to the person. There is no such thing as too much encouragement, especially when someone is pushing to achieve goals they never thought possible!  Outside the purple walls you will find her playing with her new baby girl, or buried in a pile of art projects (during nap time)!

favorite workout song

Anything that drowns out the sound of me breathing! 

Guilty Pleasure

A Moscow Mule. :)

I'm Proud

Of the life lessons I’ve learned since having my daughter. I’m growing just as much as she is. It’s a wild ride and I love it!

You Might Not KNow

I have a fraternal twin sister who is an amazing runner! She definitely stole the long distance gene from the womb.

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